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I set SugarCRM up against an LDAP directory.  It worked great, but then we bought a company that wrote their own CRM and never got around to using Sugar.

My brief experience was that integration was pretty easy, with whatever I tried (which was mostly just email in, email out and LDAP).

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I'm pretty sure Lee is referring to me here.

I have a fairly stock sugarcrm implementation; we try to do all of our scheduling, call tracking, and task management through it.

I haven't set it up against LDAP or AD; we primarily use it to make sure we don't lose billable hours through the cracks.

The one GREAT thing about it being so open is the database itself... I query against it every time my asterisk box rings so that the CALLERID shows the account and contact.

If you have more specific questions, I'd be willing to field, but like I said, we're more or less at stock.


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At 04:51 PM 2/26/2010, you wrote:

>Anyone using an open source CRM tool like SugarCRM or one of the
>project forks?  How is it working out for you?  Do you have any
>lessons learned you could share?  Are you authenticating in an AD or
>LDAP environment?

Hopefully he will chime in - when I was at the meeting in November,
somebody sitting at the table about two seats down (at the
restaurant) was a big SugarCRM fan. In case he doesn't, perhaps
somebody else can recall who that is??


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