[Cialug] Various laptop issues

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Mon Oct 22 15:26:32 CDT 2007

Did an opensuse update to 10.3 and all is working except back in 10.2 I could hit the keyboard mute on my HP laptop and kmix would would change the speaker icon in the tray to the muted equivalent.  In 10.3 it isn't working.  hotkeys-setup is running so outside of that i'm not sure what else needs to happen?

Also, more generally, opensuse has never really treated my laptop like a laptop.  When docked I have it hooked up to a HP flat panel and when I undock it, it can't/won't power up the LCD (even after hitting the fn keys).  Similarly when I am undocked and running from the LCD and I dock it it doesn't switch to the monitor. 

Only good news is compiz fusion is working fine out of the box so I'm on eye-candy overload.


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