[Cialug] Various laptop issues

Matthew Nuzum newz at bearfruit.org
Mon Oct 22 21:24:14 CDT 2007

On 10/22/07, Tony Bibbs <tony at tonybibbs.com> wrote:
> Did an opensuse update to 10.3 and all is working except back in 10.2 I could hit the keyboard mute on my HP laptop and kmix would would change the speaker icon in the tray to the muted equivalent.  In 10.3 it isn't working.  hotkeys-setup is running so outside of that i'm not sure what else needs to happen?
> Also, more generally, opensuse has never really treated my laptop like a laptop.  When docked I have it hooked up to a HP flat panel and when I undock it, it can't/won't power up the LCD (even after hitting the fn keys).  Similarly when I am undocked and running from the LCD and I dock it it doesn't switch to the monitor.

I've experienced both of the above problems in Ubuntu and both had
something to do with apm. As a matter of fact, they either both work
or neither work for me. Even when the buttons didn't work APM still
seemed to be normal, i.e. I had battery status. I just lost the
advanced features like the extra-keys, the fn+ keys and the ability to
dim/brighten the screen.

I don't know if suse allows you to keep older kernels in your grub
menu when you upgrade, but if so, you may want to try booting with an
older kernel to see if those features come back.
Matthew Nuzum
newz2000 on freenode

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