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Daniel A. Ramaley daniel.ramaley at DRAKE.EDU
Mon Oct 8 10:10:54 CDT 2007

Seconded. Since switching from Red Hat to Debian a couple years ago i've 
been very impressed with apt and aptitude (my preferred front-end). On 
Debian not as much stuff is configured with defaults i like as would be 
on Ubuntu or one of the major commercial operating systems such as OS X 
(by that i mostly mean that it takes more effort to get unusual 
hardware working correctly, like um, wireless networking), but package 
management is a breeze. It is also quite uncommon for me to want to use 
a piece of non-commercial software and not find it already in the 
package repository.

One of these days i'll probably give Gentoo a whirl. I've heard many 
good things about Portage but don't want to spend so much time 
compiling or configuring the system. For me Debian strikes the right 
balance right now between time spent administering the system versus 
time spent actually using it. I realize that i could have something 
more customized to my exact preferences if i was willing to spend more 
time on administration (as i would expect is necessary of Gentoo), but 
right now i don't want to make that tradeoff. I've also considered 
going the other way to something like Ubuntu which seems to have more 
of the Windows / Mac OS X mentality where it works out-of-the-box, but 
it is not as obvious how to customize it. But i am OK with spending a 
little time on administration as i do with Debian if it is easy to 
customize the things i like to. As with most complex things, there is 
no one answer for everyone.

On Monday 08 October 2007 07:11, Chris K. wrote:
>Been out all weekend, so I am probably coming in late to the
>conversation here.
>But there is always Debian as well.  apt is an excellent package
> manager.
>Todd Walton wrote:
>> On 10/7/07, Jason Warden <jason at benalto.com> wrote:
>>> I just wanted to comment on what my expectations were regarding
>>> 'easiest package management'. I mean free from hassles
>> Portage.  Gentoo.  You'd be trading off ease of use in other areas,
>> alas.  But you'd have damned fine package management.
>>> Anyway hope I don't come across like a Slashdotter. Sorry if I did.
>> Not at all.
>> -todd
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