[Cialug] Buying a new PC

Eric Junker eric at eric.nu
Sun Oct 7 17:04:10 CDT 2007

Todd Walton wrote:
> regular version.  XP required 128MB.  The real kicker is hard drive 
> space.  Vista requires 15GB *minimum*.

15 GB to install but only around 6 GB once installation is complete. 6 
GB is still pretty large though.

> That 15GB requirement is a reflection of how the new staged setup
> program for Windows Vista works. Vista’s predecessors, including
> Windows XP, perform a file-by-file setup. The staged installation
> copies a disk image containing a full, ready-to-run installation of
> Windows Vista, installs drivers for your hardware, migrates your
> data, and finally cleans up after itself.

> The core installation takes up a little over 6GB of disk space,


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