[Cialug] OT-sorta: Theo De Raadt & Christos Zoulas

Kenneth Ristau kristau at kristau.net
Sat Jun 18 04:58:58 CDT 2005

Chris Hilton wrote:
> Did anyone catch this "interview" on forbes?
> http://www.forbes.com/intelligentinfrastructure/2005/06/16/linux-bsd-unix-cz_dl_0616theo.html
> I thought it was really bad.  I didn't realize De Raadt was so, well I
> can't describe him politely.

Hmm, I've heard this argument on all sides:

"It is taking a long time for the [other] code base to get where [our]
was ten years ago."

When are we/they going to get it through our/their heads that different
!= 10 years behind?

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