[Cialug] OT-sorta: Theo De Raadt & Christos Zoulas

Chris Hilton chris129 at cs.iastate.edu
Fri Jun 17 16:26:53 CDT 2005

Did anyone catch this "interview" on forbes?

I thought it was really bad.  I didn't realize De Raadt was so, well I
can't describe him politely.

This one was a lot better, Zoulas seems like a very intelligent
well-rounded guy:

I'm not sure how "off-topic" this is cause it's about Linux but it's
political.  I just wondered what the local consensus would be on these

My opinion is that De Raadt is far too Brooksian and schizmatic (tries
to break up groups when it's really unnecessary over stupid crap) for my
tastes.  I'm sure those 60 developers are very talented but frankly
they're still only 60 humans (presumably 25% or more even have lives!).

That's just my initial reaction!  Well, actually my first reaction was:
"Never using his software, I'd hate to ask him/people-like-him for a

Maybe he's been ripped out of context, is making a joke, or his wife
just died?!


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