[Cialug] Electronic carillon help

David Champion dave at visionary.com
Thu Jun 16 10:34:11 CDT 2005

Josh More wrote:
> KDE supports a native kiosk mode.  Just google around, there are lots of
> different HOWTOs.  At the time that I did it, however, the kiosk mode
> was not secure enough.  So I set inittab to force X to start up with
> mozilla set as the window manager.  Mozilla was running in full screen
> mode with the server push page as the home page.  That way, even if they
> rebooted the box, it came right back to where they left off.
> I also physically locked the machine up and removed the keyboard.
> No one hacked it for the duration of the convention.  I was proud.

Kiosk mode is pretty handy. We set up some PC's for the Disc Golf 
World's Tournament last summer for participants to check scores, and do 
hotmail and stuff. Kevin set them up in KDE Kiosk just as Josh suggests. 
Works pretty slick.


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