[Cialug] Electronic carillon help

Bryan Baker ka_klick at mac.com
Thu Jun 16 10:49:06 CDT 2005

Rather than MP3 or WAV I'd vote for MIDI files and a decent sound card 
(I'd bet there's a decent carillon soundfont out there somewhere).
The files would be tiny and you'd have the added benefit that actual 
"live" performances could be done in a couple ways: 1. The music staff 
could plug a MIDI keyboard directly into the sound card and just play 
live, or 2. they could use standard sequencer &/or notation software to 
record files - and they can find lots of MIDI files on the net (which 
are nice and small). As for the scheduled stuff I'd used cron to fire 
off a cmd-line midi player. There's a lot of ways you could do the 
management of the files/schedules, and web-based makes sense to me.

On Jun 16, 2005, at 10:34 AM, David Champion wrote:
> Josh More wrote:
>> KDE supports a native kiosk mode.  Just google around, there are lots 
>> of
>> different HOWTOs.  At the time that I did it, however, the kiosk mode
>> was not secure enough.  So I set inittab to force X to start up with
>> mozilla set as the window manager.  Mozilla was running in full screen
>> mode with the server push page as the home page.  That way, even if 
>> they
>> rebooted the box, it came right back to where they left off.
>> I also physically locked the machine up and removed the keyboard.
>> No one hacked it for the duration of the convention.  I was proud.
> Kiosk mode is pretty handy. We set up some PC's for the Disc Golf 
> World's Tournament last summer for participants to check scores, and 
> do hotmail and stuff. Kevin set them up in KDE Kiosk just as Josh 
> suggests. Works pretty slick.
> -dc
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