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Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Tue Jun 14 12:18:04 CDT 2005

In that scenario undervolting the fans is prob. a no go. 

The scenario I was refering to was with the following system:
SN41G (don't believe its the G2) with an XP 2600 (non barton core) and 
1GB dual channel ram.  Using onboard video.  Stock power supply.  the 
back fan was upgraded and undervolted to 7volts, and its been running 
Seti (yes yes I know I should upgrade to folding) for a bit now.  It's 
sitting under a desk at work, in a friends office and the room temp. 
isn't an issue as it's borderline jacket temp in our offices all day 
anyway. Other than the power supply and video, sounds to be about the 
same system :)



David Champion wrote:

> Yeah... I also need to dremel out the honeycomb behind the heatpipe 
> radiator... that increases air flow and decreases noise too.
> What Shuttle / CPU was that on? Mine is a SN41G2 w/ Athlon XP 2600+. I 
> also run Folding at Home on it 24x7, so the CPU is cranking out some 
> serious heat. And I have a nVidia 6800GT card in it, which is pretty 
> hot too. I replaced the stock PSU with the Shuttle SilentX, which 
> helped the noise some. It works fine, except when I don't turn on the 
> AC and it gets to be 98 degrees outside, and that 2nd floor room with 
> 3 computers in it gets about 120 degrees, the shuttle will overheat 
> and shut down.
> -dc
> Theron Conrey wrote:
>> reference to shuttle fan noise I've succesfully volted down the case 
>> fans from 12 to 7or5 volts depending on what the load is.  That and 
>> replacing them with better fans significantly reduces the noise level 
>> that the shuttle cases generate...
>> Theron
>> David Champion wrote:
>>> You forgot:
>>> g) Rackmount screwed to the door and / or frame = vibration noise.
>>> Rackmount servers have very high rpm fans. That vibrate a lot.
>>> Probably depends a lot on your house construction...
>>> I have one of those fans (not the computer fan type) that's on a 
>>> stand with blades about the size of your average home box fan. It 
>>> has little foam rubber feet on it, and I usually have it on a 
>>> hardwood floor. It's amazing how much vibration noise it makes. When 
>>> you're right next to it, it's not bad at all. In other rooms, it's 
>>> quite loud.
>>> I have my server in the basement. It's cool down there, and you 
>>> can't hear it. Not that I could hear it over my danged Shuttle XPC's 
>>> fan anyway. :(
>>> -dc
>>> Dave J. Hala Jr. wrote:
>>>> Suppose that you had a couple of rack mount servers in your home 
>>>> office.
>>>> What if you cut a hole in a closet door and screwed a rack mount frame
>>>> onto the door and then you modified a cold air return in the closet to
>>>> vent the hot air from the servers away. Would the result be:
>>>> a) the noise and heat from servers would be considerably less
>>>> b) the noise would be about the same and the heat less
>>>> c) the noise would echo through the house via the cold air return
>>>> d) the wife would freak
>>>> e) some one asks why you just didn't put the servers in the 
>>>> basement in
>>>> the laundry room and ssh into them as needed.
>>>> f) You win the geek of year award
>>>> What else are people doing with their home offices? In my current home
>>>> office, I'm using a network of 3 pcs. The heat was a problem until I
>>>> added a second cold air return near the cieling. Now the room
>>>> temperature is consistent with the rest of the house.
>>>> I'm about to move into a new house and at that time I'd like to switch
>>>> over to using the servers and ditch the pc's, but the noise is a huge
>>>> issue. I'd also rather not have to remove/change or slow the speed of
>>>> any of the fans in the servers.
>>>> :) Dave
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