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Mini-itx!  Seriously, unless you are rendering or have serious processor
demands.  They are even available as rack-mounts for a little more $$$.  Add
a 3ware raid-controller for mirroring and they are fairly capable machines.

To respond to your question, put the computers someplace where the droning
will no longer bother you or people you care about.  If they go in the
laundry room put quiet power supplies in them to spare your laundry-doer.
If they are near the laundry, worry about dust and maybe static.

Rack computers don't seem to place low noise as a priority, rather airflow
and cooling.  They could very well end up being louder than your existing
machines, take that into consideration.


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Suppose that you had a couple of rack mount servers in your home office.
What if you cut a hole in a closet door and screwed a rack mount frame onto
the door and then you modified a cold air return in the closet to vent the
hot air from the servers away. Would the result be:

a) the noise and heat from servers would be considerably less
b) the noise would be about the same and the heat less
c) the noise would echo through the house via the cold air return
d) the wife would freak
e) some one asks why you just didn't put the servers in the basement in the
laundry room and ssh into them as needed.
f) You win the geek of year award

What else are people doing with their home offices? In my current home
office, I'm using a network of 3 pcs. The heat was a problem until I added a
second cold air return near the cieling. Now the room temperature is
consistent with the rest of the house.

I'm about to move into a new house and at that time I'd like to switch over
to using the servers and ditch the pc's, but the noise is a huge issue. I'd
also rather not have to remove/change or slow the speed of any of the fans
in the servers.

:) Dave


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