[Cialug] Shotgun : SIGBAP Wednesday 6/8

Kenneth Ristau kristau at kristau.net
Wed Jun 8 18:39:34 CDT 2005

Stephen Hawkins wrote:
> I am in Boone.  Where is the Sushi place you are talking about.  My wife loves 
> Sushi and has been unable to find a good place close by, or even semi close 
> by.

Taki is in Des Moines, so it might be a bit of a drive for you. . .


> My Dog just came and complained to me, that I am exchanging email with someone 
> who has locked their poor dog in the basement.  Don't lock up the poor dog, I 
> can't take much more of this.

Well, if we let our poor dog loose in the house he will injure himself
in a fit of separation anxiety.  It may sound bad, but he is much better
off confined to a corner of our basement, unfortunately :(

With that, I'm heading to The Haus for some B and P (for any value of B
and P that fits with what they serve).

Tired programmer
Coding late into the night
The core dump follows

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