[Cialug] Science Center Update 2

Kevin C. Smith kevin at linuxsmith.com
Tue Jun 7 11:54:50 CDT 2005

I've gotten a little further and it sounds encouraging.
The person I spoke with is checking to see if they coordinate our event
with something they are doing, or if they can just plug us in sometime.

I suggested September 10th to coordinate with Software Freedom Day.

I we set up as Team we can get 100 free Ubuntu CDs for our event.

"As part of the agreement, Canonical will produce and ship up to 15000 CDs
to teams world-wide this year. In fact, Canonical has formulated it as a
challenge to the FOSS community: Organize 150 SFD teams world-wide and
Canonical will produce and ship up to 100 CDs to each group, free of
charge. If the demand exceeds these numbers, we will draw on other
sponsorship and donations to supply more materials where possible, and
otherwise evaluate the requests for materials from teams on relative

If this works out I'm thinking it could be our biggest event yet.

Kevin C. Smith

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