[Cialug] Science Center Update 2

David Champion dave at visionary.com
Tue Jun 7 13:09:45 CDT 2005

Thanks for the update.

September 10 would be a good date... we will have plenty of time for 
planning and promotion, and having the tie-in to Software Freedom Day 
would be great.

I'll contact Mandriva and see if they'll send us some CD's and / or swag.


Kevin C. Smith wrote:
> I've gotten a little further and it sounds encouraging.
> The person I spoke with is checking to see if they coordinate our event
> with something they are doing, or if they can just plug us in sometime.
> I suggested September 10th to coordinate with Software Freedom Day.
> http://softwarefreedomday.org/
> I we set up as Team we can get 100 free Ubuntu CDs for our event.
> "As part of the agreement, Canonical will produce and ship up to 15000 CDs
> to teams world-wide this year. In fact, Canonical has formulated it as a
> challenge to the FOSS community: Organize 150 SFD teams world-wide and
> Canonical will produce and ship up to 100 CDs to each group, free of
> charge. If the demand exceeds these numbers, we will draw on other
> sponsorship and donations to supply more materials where possible, and
> otherwise evaluate the requests for materials from teams on relative
> merit."
> If this works out I'm thinking it could be our biggest event yet.

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