[Cialug] Installfest thought

Barry Von Ahsen barry at vonahsen.com
Sun Jun 5 11:14:05 CDT 2005

Theron Conrey wrote:
> and explain what it (Linux) consists of.  I don't think that there's 
> another soul in the group that would want to release a plauge of BSDs or 
> non-free Solaris on the general IA populace.  (ok maybe just a little 
> bit)  The question needs to be what distros are we going to have 
> available.  I think that we got a good start on this during the last(?) 
> mtg and we talked about.
> 1. SUSE
> 2. Fedora
> 3. Ubuntu
> others?

I would be comfortable doing a FreeBSD install.  For the past 
installfests, I've had quite a smattering of distros on my computer. 
Disks are big, and isos are small, and you never know when someone is 
going to show up with some random Alpha or MIPS machine they got at the 
school/state surplus sale.  I'm not going to burn 15 copies of 
netbsd-pa_risc, but it wouldn't hurt to have the iso available to burn 
if needed.  Last time I had debian-(i386|ppc|sparc|alpha) mini-isos, 
freebsd 4 and 5, openbsd, mandrake, and fedora, and I'll probably do the 
same this time

> I'm not suggesting that we open a baskin-robbins (heh heh) but we ought 
> to get some different types of distros from around the community and 
> make them available. 



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