[Cialug] Installfest thought

Kevin C. Smith kevin at linuxsmith.com
Sun Jun 5 11:12:19 CDT 2005

On Sun, 2005-06-05 at 01:18 -0500, Theron Conrey wrote:
> Further thought:
> Understanding what you are stating Mr. D. Advocate, I agree that we 
> stick with just that. Linux.  The FSF is crucial to free software i.e. 
> Linux.  I agree that we focus on installing Linux, however if we are 
> going to give a presentation about "Open Source" it's right to discuss 
> and explain what it (Linux) consists of.  I don't think that there's 
> another soul in the group that would want to release a plauge of BSDs or 
> non-free Solaris on the general IA populace.  (ok maybe just a little 
> bit)  The question needs to be what distros are we going to have 
> available.  I think that we got a good start on this during the last(?) 
> mtg and we talked about.
> 1. SUSE
> 2. Fedora
> 3. Ubuntu
> others?

In the past people usually supplied their favorite distros. So if you 
are coming to the Installfest burn some disks and offer them up.
Mandrake has been the recommended "LUG" distro in the past. Most likely 
due to it being known as user friendly and supported by our Pres. I've 
offered Debian installs, and at last years Installfest Ubuntu.

> I'm not suggesting that we open a baskin-robbins (heh heh) but we ought 
> to get some different types of distros from around the community and 
> make them available.  
> Theron

This basically happens naturally by the above described means. 

I hope all this discussion means we have some serious interest in
the Installfest this year. I hope we can make it a good one. 
Remember that the Science Center is a this point just an idea. I'll
know more this week.

I'm going to post an other idea as a new thread to get out of this.
However, this thread started the thought.

Kevin C. Smith

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