[Cialug] Installfest thought

Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Sun Jun 5 14:21:53 CDT 2005

Barry Von Ahsen wrote:

> Theron Conrey wrote:
>> and explain what it (Linux) consists of.  I don't think that there's 
>> another soul in the group that would want to release a plauge of BSDs 
>> or non-free Solaris on the general IA populace.  (ok maybe just a 
>> little bit)  The question needs to be what distros are we going to 
>> have available.  I think that we got a good start on this during the 
>> last(?) mtg and we talked about.
>> 1. SUSE
>> 2. Fedora
>> 3. Ubuntu
>> others?
> I would be comfortable doing a FreeBSD install.  For the past 
> installfests, I've had quite a smattering of distros on my computer. 
> Disks are big, and isos are small, and you never know when someone is 
> going to show up with some random Alpha or MIPS machine they got at 
> the school/state surplus sale.  I'm not going to burn 15 copies of 
> netbsd-pa_risc, but it wouldn't hurt to have the iso available to burn 
> if needed.  Last time I had debian-(i386|ppc|sparc|alpha) mini-isos, 
> freebsd 4 and 5, openbsd, mandrake, and fedora, and I'll probably do 
> the same this time
>> I'm not suggesting that we open a baskin-robbins (heh heh) but we 
>> ought to get some different types of distros from around the 
>> community and make them available. 
> agreed
> -barry
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Maybe we ought to set up a mirror to install debian from onsite. (doing 
local net installs)


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