[Cialug] Installfest thought

Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Sun Jun 5 01:18:18 CDT 2005

Further thought:

Understanding what you are stating Mr. D. Advocate, I agree that we 
stick with just that. Linux.  The FSF is crucial to free software i.e. 
Linux.  I agree that we focus on installing Linux, however if we are 
going to give a presentation about "Open Source" it's right to discuss 
and explain what it (Linux) consists of.  I don't think that there's 
another soul in the group that would want to release a plauge of BSDs or 
non-free Solaris on the general IA populace.  (ok maybe just a little 
bit)  The question needs to be what distros are we going to have 
available.  I think that we got a good start on this during the last(?) 
mtg and we talked about.

2. Fedora
3. Ubuntu

I'm not suggesting that we open a baskin-robbins (heh heh) but we ought 
to get some different types of distros from around the community and 
make them available.  


Kenneth Ristau wrote:

>Kevin C. Smith wrote:
> >>From cialug.org front page:
>>Who are we?
>>A Group of Free *nix Enthusiasts that live in Central Iowa. 
>OK, point taken. *wipes egg from face*
>But to make a counterpoint, how many non-linux-kernel distros will we
>offer to install at the Install Fest?  *BSD, Minix, Solaris?
>Personally, I would not feel comfortable installing any of those, but
>other's in the group might.
>Please don't take me wrong here.  I'm just playing Devil's Advocate in
>order to get our limits defined.  I agree that the FSF and Open Source
>Initiative are crucial elements of the Free *nix movement, but I want to
>suggest that we focus on what an Install Fest is all about -- installing
>I agree it is a good idea to have a meeting of all Install Fest
>interested parties (at Taki's perhaps?).  This is starting to gain
>enough momentum to warrant an Install Fest Committee.

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