[Cialug] A tool for sharing email?

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Request Tracker can kind of do that. 


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Hello, is there a free open source tool that does this:

Everyone has an email address
They can use their fav email client, thunderbird, outlook, etc Possibly a web mail interface too All emails are recorded in a database so that there's a history of communication

Here's the scenario, I'd like to delegate some of my email for a particular address to a helper. They would respond on my behalf. At any time I could log into something and see what's going on and ensure that everything is working as I'd like it to. I want it to just be automatic, we use email like normal, but it all goes through this system.

I kind of imagine this would be a bit like a CRM tool or customer support system because I could totally see this being beneficial in environments where you have customer contacts coming in and want a team of people to be able to respond to them.

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