[Cialug] Firefox extensions for novice users

Mathew R. Phillips mathew.phillips at wartburg.edu
Thu Dec 17 22:33:47 CST 2009

Sorry If someone already posted this but I find imacros to be kinda neat. You can record actions and save them
as a bookmark...probably not the most secure thing to do for passwords and stuff like that but they have some neat
examples like auto downloading things and saving pictures and such. I think it would appeal to novice and experienced users.

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What Firefox extensions do you folks recommend to help novice Linux

I install AdBlock+ on every Firefox installation that I use, but most of
the other extensions that I use are a bit overly technical for the
average person.  For example, as much as I rely on NoScript, I wouldn't
even consider training a novice user to use such a thing.

I'm installing AdBlock+, LongURL and WebOfTrust.  I'm considering
CookieSafe and BetterPrivacy, but think they might be a bit overly

Are there any favorites out there that I should be considering?

 morej at alliancetechnologies.net 

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