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> Sorry, looked like a question to me, .. Apple HW is closed, PC HW is open
> - that's the reason for the HW price difference. Beyond that, Apple locks
> all users into their market space, while a PC user is free to choose
> whatever SW and products they want to use.

I don't think it's fair to say that PC hardware is cheap just because it's
open.  There are *a lot* of cheap PC components out there.  Anyone that has
had a Deer power supply can attest to that.  It makes sense that a computer
company such as Apple has complete control over the hardware.  But of
course, you'll have to pay a premium for that.  PC makers such as Dell and
Gateway just slap in cards from the latest companies to have won the bid.
That means, 2 PCs coming off the assembly line could have vastly different
hardware, and vastly different success rates.  I've heard many times about
Gateway: "If you have a good one, then you're good.  If you have one
problem, you'll have lots."  That doesn't seem to be the case with Mac.

To be fair, the only Apple product I have is an iPhone.  I'd love to have a
Mac, but I can't justify the cost.  Although given the problems I've had
with my HP laptop recently, maybe I should give Mac another look.  My HP
laptop is in the shop for the 3rd time.  I bought an extended warranty
through Best Buy, so it was covered.  The initial repair cost $700,
basically the cost of the laptop.  The last 2 times have been Geek Squad
issues (hinge not put back in correctly, the case on the lid was broken in
shipping).  But still, over the last 4 months, it seems like I've been
without my laptop more than I've been with it.

I do think it sucks that I can't develop for the iPhone because I don't have
a Mac.  The last time I looked, the iPhone devkit was only available for the

> That's the reality of the market, .. Apple is king in 'Vertical', MS is
> king in 'Horizontal'; Apple is Closed, at least MS runs on Open HW so the
> rest of us that DO pursue Open/Free SW can take advantage of the HW
> market they create and have BOTH Open HW AND Open SW.
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