[Cialug] OT: In home video distribution

Tim Perdue cialug at perdue.net
Tue Dec 1 09:48:00 CST 2009

Tim Perdue wrote:
> I wondered if any of the other geeks have found a good solution to 
> in-home HD Video Distribution.
> I have a HD DVR in the basement and would like to pipe this to my other 
> HDTVs scattered around the house, but only have an ethernet jack 
> available at each TV, not HDMI or Component wiring. I do have a HAVA 
> (slingbox like), but that would require a PC at each HDTV in order to 
> view the output.
> What would be nice is another hava-type box that can receive the stream 
> and put it on the TV. I haven't pulled up anything like this on google yet.
> Having an electrician out to run component jacks everywhere is a 
> possibility, but it would be slicker to do something over ethernet.

I guess there is a 'slingcatcher' for those smart enough to have bought 
a slingbox.... $299 slingbox + 199 catcher = more expensive than 

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