[Cialug] [OT] Solaris books

Daniel A. Ramaley daniel.ramaley at drake.edu
Fri Aug 21 13:34:39 CDT 2009

In the near future my involvement with Solaris will be increasing. I am 
very familiar with Linux (especially Red Hat and Debian and some of 
their immediate derivatives), and have worked a bit with Solaris 7, 8, 
and 9.

The earlier versions of Solaris seemed to me like a primitive Linux 
distro; the standard base utilities (even as basic as "ls" and "grep") 
sort-of worked but didn't have all the features i expect. Most system 
administration seemed standard Unix but the package management was 
light-years behind Linux. So i can usually figure out how to do things 
on Solaris 9 and earlier, though it is more convoluted than on Linux. 
Usually if i install a large collection of GNU ports from Sunfreeware 
then the system is sane enough that it isn't *too* difficult to work 

Solaris 10 is a very different beast though. I need to learn it. The way 
it does even such basic things as restarting services is unique (and 
both very fragile and rather opaque). And i know nothing about 
configuring zones. Any suggestions for Solaris 10 books or other 
learning materials, coming from a strong Linux or OpenBSD perspective?

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