[Cialug] Slightly OT: AMD-V enabled laptops

David Champion dchampion at visionary.com
Wed Oct 31 17:57:04 CDT 2007

Tim Wilson wrote:
> I'll probably be getting a new laptop soon, and I figured if I could get one
> that could do virtualization, that would be a plus.  I know Intel has a web
> page set up that identifies which processors have their VT technology.  But
> I can't find a similar page for AMD.  Wikipedia says "AMD-V is present in
> all K8 AMD (Athlon 64) <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athlon_64> processors
> from stepping "F" and all newer processors support AMD-V technology."  Most
> AMD based laptops come with the Turion processor.  Since I couldn't find
> anything on AMD's website regarding AMD-V and the Turion, I turned to
> Newegg.  Newegg lists "Virtualization Technology Support" as a no for the
> Turion.

google'd it...



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