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Theron Conrey theron.conrey at dice.com
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I'll echo that last sentiment as well, go with Ubuntu, try wine, and if you run into problems, the wine IRC channel usually has some good assistance.  XP-Linux looks a little shady as well.  Ubuntu has a more robust community surrounding it, and if you really were determined to spend money on it, you could buy support from canonical.

(Nice to see you on the list)

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On 10/12/07, Keith Carpenter <wd0fia at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I still have the need to run Precision Mapping, which is a Windows
> based program.  Currently I am running a dual boot system with Ubuntu and XP Home.
> I really would like to just run Linux.  Which would be best, Ubuntu
> running WINE, or XP Linux?
> Also, where is the best price for "registering" XP Linux?  I've heard
> claims of $19, but have found nothing less than $39.  If I knew for
> sure it would work $39 is not a problem.
> Keith
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>From what I can see from the XP-Linux website, they're just running
Wine to enable use of your Windows applications. I fail to see why you'd pay for something specialized like this when they're not really doing anything other than put an "XP" theme on a Gnome/Fedora desktop.

I'd say install Wine on Ubuntu and try your application. If it doesn't work right, I'd be skeptical that XP-Linux will do any better. I'd probably consider buying something like Crossover from Codeweavers where at least I know the money is going toward the improvement of Wine.
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