[Cialug] XP Linux or Ubuntu

David Champion dchampion at visionary.com
Fri Oct 12 12:37:18 CDT 2007

Keith Carpenter wrote:
> I still have the need to run Precision Mapping, which is a Windows based
> program.  Currently I am running a dual boot system with Ubuntu and XP
> Home. I really would like to just run Linux.  Which would be best,
> Ubuntu running WINE, or XP Linux?
> Also, where is the best price for "registering" XP Linux?  I've heard
> claims of $19, but have found nothing less than $39.  If I knew for sure
> it would work $39 is not a problem.
> Keith

That's the first I'd heard of "XP Linux". I looked at their web site
(http://www.linux-xp.com), looks like it's a Russian distro based on
Fedora, with an emphasis on Windows compat. (I assume via Wine). They've
only been around since January. IMHO I'd do some more research on them.

You can do this with several versions of Linux. One nice feature of
Mandriva Linux "PowerPack" editions, is it comes with Cedega (Wine with
a nice interface).

Or... you could use VMWare or Xen and run a virtual environment...


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