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Thu Oct 11 13:41:49 CDT 2007

On Topic:
I've got two projects I'm working on personally right now that I could
really use a hand with if anyone can help out.
1.) I'm trying to pair my U.S. Cellular Razr V3c bluetooth with linux.
Specifically ubuntu/debian or CentOS.  None of the help I can find via
google is working AT ALL.  My system can find my USB bluetooth adapter and
can 'hcitool scan' and see my cell phone, but I can't pair the two.
2.) Since November's meeting is about embedded linux I was wondering if
there would be anyone who could give me a hand compiling a kernel with USB
"device" support for the ARM based NSLU2.

Also, given last month was about virtualization, I'd like to know if
anyone's worked with hardware pass-through (i.e. USB or PCI devices) to a
VM.  I was originally trying #1 above on a VM, but after a pairing failed
the VM would loose the USB device and I'd have to restart the VM AND the
host to get it back.

Off Topic:
The other night I attempted to cannibalize an old system to build a new PC
for my wife.  Somewhere along the line since the last time I had used it, I
seem to have killed my Intel P4 Socket478 motherboard.  Does anyone know of
any place local that would still carry a 478 board with 533FSB, DDR (not
DDR2) memory slots and an AGP slot?...CHEAP?

Thanks all!
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