[Cialug] SCO's not dead yet

Tom Poe tompoe at fngi.net
Mon Oct 8 15:04:18 CDT 2007

Nathan C. Smith wrote:
>> That depends. Could you buy SCO for less than what a 
>> migration would cost? If I was an old school corporate guy, 
>> its unlikely that I'd be thinking about buying SCO and open 
>> sourcing their stuff so that I
>> (McDonalds) would benefit.
> I only suggest a company Like McDonalds buying SCO because there is a
> similar precedent.  At one time GM owned EDS and exclusively contracted IT
> services to them.  I don't recall the circumstances for the original
> purchase.
>> If you did buy them, as a failing company, you'd probably 
>> consider it a stop-gap measure to buy you some time before 
>> you did the migration anyway.
> Why?  Since it is arguably rock-solid Unix, and Linux-like adding any
> software they might need should be relatively straight-forward.  Including
> any innovations in end-user software.
>> I just can't believe that McDonalds corporate would take that 
>> kind of chance, but who knows?  I just can't see quarter 
>> pounders made from penguin meat as a profitable undertaking.
> Where is the chance?  If MCD is exclusively using SCO now, they get to keep
> what they have got.  There is nothing that says they have to continue
> selling SCO services to others and they can drop the parts they don't need. 
> The whole scenario is unlikely, but if you re a megacorporation and your
> entire information systems were entirely based on SCO it might make sense to
> buy them and either combine it with IT or run it as a subsidiary to keep
> things status quo.
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GM benefitted from EDS by being able to control all dealership books 
(well, maybe 85% of all dealerships in America) a few decades ago.  I 
doubt that has changed much, other than expanding globally.

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