[Cialug] SCO's not dead yet

Nathan C. Smith nathan.smith at ipmvs.com
Mon Oct 8 15:02:33 CDT 2007

> That depends. Could you buy SCO for less than what a 
> migration would cost? If I was an old school corporate guy, 
> its unlikely that I'd be thinking about buying SCO and open 
> sourcing their stuff so that I
> (McDonalds) would benefit.

I only suggest a company Like McDonalds buying SCO because there is a
similar precedent.  At one time GM owned EDS and exclusively contracted IT
services to them.  I don't recall the circumstances for the original

> If you did buy them, as a failing company, you'd probably 
> consider it a stop-gap measure to buy you some time before 
> you did the migration anyway.
Why?  Since it is arguably rock-solid Unix, and Linux-like adding any
software they might need should be relatively straight-forward.  Including
any innovations in end-user software.

> I just can't believe that McDonalds corporate would take that 
> kind of chance, but who knows?  I just can't see quarter 
> pounders made from penguin meat as a profitable undertaking.
Where is the chance?  If MCD is exclusively using SCO now, they get to keep
what they have got.  There is nothing that says they have to continue
selling SCO services to others and they can drop the parts they don't need. 

The whole scenario is unlikely, but if you re a megacorporation and your
entire information systems were entirely based on SCO it might make sense to
buy them and either combine it with IT or run it as a subsidiary to keep
things status quo.

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