[Cialug] Compaq notebook 100

Jerry Weida jweida at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 17:17:24 CDT 2005

twm all the way!!! woo hoo.

Then again, a "good" lightweight window manager would probably be 
WindowMaker (wmaker).

On 6/30/05, Theron Conrey <theron at conrey.org> wrote:
> A friend of mine recently tossed me a notebook to keep saying that it
> wouldn't run anything anymore. Rather than argue, I went ahead and
> loaded Debian 3.1 with the 2.4 kernel on it. (the 2.6 kernel load was
> giving me some funky error messages about the single usb port on it.)
> My question is: What window manager would you use? I've got the base
> system installed but now I want to give this back to the person who gave
> it to me and show them that the hardware is still "good" It's a k6 450
> I believe with 128 megs (I had an extra dimm laying around was x2 18's
> for a whopping 32 megs) and am looking for a lightweight wm. Any thoughts?
> Theron
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