[Cialug] Compaq notebook 100

Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Thu Jun 30 17:14:44 CDT 2005

A friend of mine recently tossed me a notebook to keep saying that it 
wouldn't run anything anymore.  Rather than argue, I went ahead and 
loaded Debian 3.1 with the 2.4 kernel on it. (the 2.6 kernel load was 
giving me some funky error messages about the single usb port on it.)
My question is: What window manager would you use?  I've got the base 
system installed but now I want to give this back to the person who gave 
it to me and show them that the hardware is still "good"  It's a k6 450 
I believe with 128 megs (I had an extra dimm laying around was x2 18's 
for a whopping 32 megs) and am looking for a lightweight wm.  Any thoughts?


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