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Bryan Baker ka_klick at mac.com
Fri Jun 17 09:19:17 CDT 2005

Can you tell us what model it is, that should clear it up.
Choose "About this Mac..." from the apple menu and it should at least  
give you model/ram

On Jun 17, 2005, at 7:24 AM, Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> I bought it off a friend for fun because I had never played around  
> on a Mac OS 9 computer. I'm much less familiar with hardware  
> details than most of you. It is one of those PowerPC deals before  
> the G3. I think it has one of those add-on cards to make it run  
> faster. It runs OS 9.1 or 9.2 (it's been a while since I played  
> with it) pretty well.
> I have used SuSE and Red Hat before (as in late 1990's) but nothing  
> on a PowerPC platform, so wasn't sure what distributions were  
> considered best for that platform.  Thanks for your input.
> Thanks,
> Stuart
> On Jun 17, 2005, at 6:52, Renegade Muskrat wrote:
>> How old a Mac are we talking about? I have a 400 MHz G3 iMac  
>> (which shipped with OS 9) that runs Linux well enough that it  
>> could be my primary computer if i wanted it to. I'm running Debian  
>> Sarge, booting off an external firewire disk. On a side note,  
>> there aren't complete instructions anywhere on the web that i  
>> could find for getting Debian (or any other distribution) running  
>> on an external firewire disk, so if someone wants to know how it  
>> is done i could type something up.
>> You mention SCSI which makes me think your machine is even older  
>> than my old iMac. Is it one of the earlier G3 models? Or is it  
>> before the G3? Those really old machines are going to be rather  
>> slow. If you don't run X it should do great. Or if you do run X,  
>> if you use one of the minimalist window managers it will probably  
>> still be OK. As for which distribution to use, that's obviously up  
>> to you. Yellow Dog is one of the more well known PowerPC distros,  
>> though i haven't really used it. At one time i had Mandrake (now  
>> Mandriva?) running on a G3 Powerbook. Now i use Debian if i want  
>> Linux on PowerPC. Ubuntu also has a PowerPC release.
>> At 09:23 PM 6/16/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>> >I have an old Mac computer OS 9 sitting around and I'm thinking of
>> >putting Linux on there.  What do you all recommend?  Do any of  
>> you have
>> >experience working with this kind of setup and have any pointers I
>> >could benefit from?  I probably won't do it until late summer  
>> with my
>> >schedule as it is, but just gathering information.  It does have an
>> >external SCSI drive and the Zip Drive as well.
>> >
>> >Also, I wondered if you had any solid Quickbook replacements that  
>> would
>> >
>> >run on Linux.  I have heard of like GNUCash or something like  
>> that, but
>> >
>> >last I had heard there were no "mature" platforms that were really
>> >ready for use.  Any feedback on that?
>> >
>> >Thanks in advance,
>> >
>> >Stuart Thiessen
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