[Cialug] Re: GNUCash (Was: Old Mac PowerPC)

Kenneth Ristau kristau at kristau.net
Thu Jun 16 20:33:32 CDT 2005

Stuart Thiessen wrote:
 > Also, I wondered if you had any solid Quickbook replacements that would
> run on Linux.  I have heard of like GNUCash or something like that, but
> last I had heard there were no "mature" platforms that were really ready
> for use.  Any feedback on that?

GNUCash is very mature and is listed on SourceForge as
"Production/Stable".  I believe that's one notch below their highest
rating, "Mature".  I think people don't view it as mature because it is
geared more toward business finance than personal finance.  Remember,
"different" != "unstable".

That said, we use an ancient copy of Quicken 98 here at home.  But
that's more a function of prying Quicken from my wife's cold, dead hands
than any choice of my own ;)

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