[Cialug] Old Mac PowerPC

Stuart Thiessen sthiessen at passitonservices.org
Thu Jun 16 21:23:18 CDT 2005

I have an old Mac computer OS 9 sitting around and I'm thinking of 
putting Linux on there.  What do you all recommend?  Do any of you have 
experience working with this kind of setup and have any pointers I 
could benefit from?  I probably won't do it until late summer with my 
schedule as it is, but just gathering information.  It does have an 
external SCSI drive and the Zip Drive as well.

Also, I wondered if you had any solid Quickbook replacements that would 
run on Linux.  I have heard of like GNUCash or something like that, but 
last I had heard there were no "mature" platforms that were really 
ready for use.  Any feedback on that?

Thanks in advance,

Stuart Thiessen

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