[Cialug] Electronic carillon help

Nathan C. Smith smith at ipmvs.com
Thu Jun 16 10:06:25 CDT 2005

This may sound kind of sick, but why not use cron?  Maybe use PHP to provide
a web interface to the config file?  Pick an audio player that can run from
the command line?  Webmin to edit the configs?  I haven't used webmin in a
while so I don't know what state its cron management module is in.

You might want to look at slimserver from slimdevices.com.  There are
plug-ins that include alarm clocks and it has a web-based interface.
Slimserver does not actually play the music so you can send the music to an
included java-based mp3 player or any streaming-capable mp3 player.


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Our local group needs to build an electronic carillon.
We use space donated by a church and do projects to pay the rent.

We need a linux based package that will chime on the hour and play one song
at noon or any other time requested. Hourly chime and songs could be mp3 but
we need some simple, friendly, interface to fire it off at the right time.

I have googled for hours and found a couple of winder programs but I don't
want to rely on Bill Gates.

Any thoughts or suggestions- they want a demo July 11th.

Allen Kiddoo


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