[Cialug] best supported/performing Ethernet adapter?

John.Lengeling at radisys.com John.Lengeling at radisys.com
Mon Jun 13 10:17:24 CDT 2005

cialug-bounces at cialug.org wrote on 06/11/2005 10:11:46 PM:

> I think it is a true statement that not all Ethernet cards and their 
> are equal.  My sense is that the inexpensive realtek and VINE 
> depend more on well-written drivers than intelligence built into the
> chips/cards.  Can anyone recommend a well-performing 100 megabit card 
> good Linux support?  Are 3Com and Intel cards good choices?

Intel seems to be the best for:

- performance
- multiple OS support
- leading edge features like jumbo packet, VLAN, QOS

We use a lot of their 1000G dual fiber and dual copper server cards with 
Linux.  They also seem to regularly update their driver several times per 
year for bug fixes and improvements.

You get what you pay for...all will pass ethernet packets around, but you 
pay more money to get higher performance, better drivers, leading edge 
features.  I use Realteks at home since I need some to just pass packets.
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