[Cialug] MIME TYPE question

Travis Beaty listaddy at technomajian.net
Sun Jun 12 18:03:36 CDT 2005

Hello all.

I've googled this, and haven't managed to find an answer, so I'm hoping 
someone here could help out.

I have a file in "Open Document" format, extension .odt.  Currently, 
this file has the mime-type of application/zip.  An entry has been made 
by OpenOffice in the Gnome "File Types and Programs" dialog for this 
file, and it reports the mime-type as being 

Although the file has the .odt extension, OpenOffice is not one of the 
available applications to handle this file when I right click it in 
Nautilus.  I am assuming (but don't know) that the problem is because of 
the bad mime-type.  I could change the association for that file as it 
is to be opened using OpenOffice, but it seems to me that OpenOffice 
would also be opening anything else with the application/zip mime type, 
which may cause me to have A Very Bad Day in the Cornfield.

So, the question is this:  how to I modify the mime-type in this 
particular file?  I've noticed that every time I save a file in .odt 
format via OpenOffice, it is being given the application/zip mime-type.  
Who do I blame for this fiasco?  OpenOffice, Gnome, or a botched setting 
on my part?  I may be suffering here from my poor knowledge of mime 
types in general.

Yes, I know, that grew into three questions while I wasn't looking.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me on this.  It's not a 
showstopper, but it is annoying as hell.



OS Information:
Distro: Suse 9.2
File System: ReiserFS
Desktop: Gnome 2.6
File Manager: Nautilus 2.6.3
OpenOffice: OpenOffice 1.9.104
Machine: Toshiba Satellite M-35X 256M RAM
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