[Cialug] Mac/Intel

David Champion dave at visionary.com
Thu Jun 9 15:10:18 CDT 2005

Dave Weis wrote:
> On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, James Shoemaker wrote:
>>> There is an article on slash that sez no compatibility
>>> with current or future pcs.
>>> Also one on wired that sez probably not.
>>> If that's true- not much to get excited about.
>>     How hard would it be to drop an X86 OSX gui parts on top of the open
>> source Darwin ported to commodity hardware?  I would think not too hard.
> My bet is on someone finding a way to copy (cp not mimic) the gui bits 
> over to a darwin kernel on a standard pc. Unless they do hardcore voodoo 
> to check out the hardware, anything else can be emulated. The standard 
> method of stub things out in darwin, see what aqua asks for, write a 
> test program on real macos, change until done would be able to make it 
> work.

1. Port OSX to commodity x86 hardware.
2. ???
3. Apple sues your ass. *

* The #1 reason I don't like SCO^H^H^H Apple.

p.s. Yes, this is a troll. You don't have to reply and tell me so.


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