[Cialug] RFID presentation at CIACUG

Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Wed Jun 8 08:19:41 CDT 2005

Date? Time?

Don Cady wrote:

> Cross-contamination of UGs?! Arghh! Nooo!..
> Seriously though; Because of the slightly more technical and geeky 
> nature of
> this talk, I thought I'd let those who don't know that the CUG's mgt. 
> this
> month will have a presentation on RFID by someone from Hy-Vee, talking 
> about
> what they have learned and how they plan to use the technology in the
> future.
> "R.F.I.D. presented by Pete Knapp, System Analyst, Hy-Vee, Inc.
> Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a powerful technology with the
> potential to impact virtually every facet of modern life.  The 
> presentation
> begins with an overview of the technology and its limitations, including
> examples of current implementations.  From there, live demonstrations of
> both the capabilities and difficulties of RFID are shown.  The 
> presentation
> will conclude with an ample question and discussion period."
> I haven't seen it in person yet, so I think I will go.
> Don
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