[Cialug] Re: [amesfug] Domain registrar recommendation for .us domain

Claus cniesen at gmx.net
Tue Jun 7 08:35:29 CDT 2005

Thanks all.  Your input was quite helpful.

I went through the list of accredited registrar 
(http://nic.us/register/index.html) and must say there is a lot of 
crappy registrars (i.e. way huge prices, only focusing on reselling mass 
quantity - I think total registrar falls under that, no clear pricing or 

Pretty much the ones that I considered were the ones you suggested.  I 
went with Go Daddy since they support also the oder TLDs I got at a good 

Hopefully the transfer goes quit and smooth as the domain expires on the 
20th of this month.

Now back to upgrading the OS and apps on my server, something that seems 
to take forever.


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