[Cialug] Linux raw fish and free promotions

Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Thu Jun 2 11:17:59 CDT 2005

So Josh has been doing some leg work and it turns out that Taki's has a back room that we could use for meetings.   Not all the time granted, but once in a while.  Here's the catch.  They have a secured network that they don't want to allow "folks" on.  What we can suggest however is that they lock down thier "work" network and allow free internet access (wireless of course) for the rest of the resturant.  (To include the back room)

I'll volunteer to build the firewalls either using IPCop of smoothie, I just need some donated hardware.  So dig around and see what you've got!  


a ~200 mhz box reliable of course.  

I've got the nics.

and a WAP.

thoughts suggestions welcome.


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