[Cialug] new to this group, and Linux

Kenneth Ristau kristau at kristau.net
Wed Jun 1 21:44:23 CDT 2005

Michael wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> My name is Michael Davis -- I live in Urbandale and I'm new to this
> list.  I'm on the digest version for now, but I joined this list at
> the suggestion of a friend because I want to install Linux on one of
> my home computers.
> I was (a little bit) into programming on the Commodore 64 when I was a
> kid in the 80s, and want to get back into programming again.  All the
> reading I have done recently indicates that my first step is to be
> working in Linux, so here I am.
> I'm pretty clueless at this stage.  I'm thinking of buying Linux
> instead of downloading it for free, because that way I'd get some
> phone support while I figure out what I'm doing.  Any thoughts?
> Michael

Hi Michael.  I live just a bit north of you in Johnston.  I, too, used
to play around with the venerable C64 (and VIC20).

In addition to the mailing list and meetings, don't forget to check out
the IRC chat at irc.freenode.net.  Our channel is #cialug.

I will also throw a vote in for trying out the free versions first.  If
 you are leaning toward a particular distro, let us know and we can
probably find someone to download and burn the CD's for you.

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