[Cialug] AMD Athlon XP supplies may be drying up

Nathan C. Smith smith at ipmvs.com
Wed Jun 1 11:26:21 CDT 2005

There is a 32 bit and a 64 bit version of Sempron.  It is the 32 bit AMD
processors and particularly the 400 Mhz bus models (Mmmmmm  Barton) that
seem to be going away.  From what I've read Sempron just seems to be a way
to rescue the revenue of a substandard chip by dropping some of it's cache.

Hopefully the demise of the 32 bit chips will lead to lower 64 bit chip
prices - and maybe there will be a time when there is a glut of cheap 32 bit
motherboards and old processors.  A heyday for terminal server projects?

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grrr.. don't give me news like this. i'll miss them trusty processors. i 
thought the semperon's work  in place of the athlon xp's?

Nathan C. Smith wrote:

>Maybe nobody will care, but it looks like the supply of Athlon XP 
>processors, particularly the 400 Mhz FSB versions are becoming harder 
>to find.  I realize the pricepoint of the Athlon 64 is close to what 
>the 32 bit processors are/was, but if you have any unpopulated Socket A 
>Motherboards around or a Trusty Socket A machine that you have been 
>waiting to update the processor on you may want to look around now 
>unless you don't mind a used processor.
>Oh yeah, and the sky is falling.
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