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A simple way to get a shell on Windows is to install Bash for Windows. One way to do that is to install GIT for Windows. This helps them bring the power of a top-notch terminal to their normal Windows workflow.

My first thought was to use ec2. You can get a micro instance for the first year for free from Amazon. You can actually run 100 instances for 1-2 hours each (every month) or one instance for an entire month.


IMHO, taking a Windows user and giving them a shell is not a great way to make them love Linux. The change from a point-and-click interface to a shell is challenging. Another option is to set them up with a special purpose machine that solves a real problem.

For example:

1. A low cost kid computer for playing games and surfing the web
2. Myth TV or DLNA server (with maybe an added bonus of a central storage area for backups)
3. A web hosting box using a free control panel such as ISP Config

You can say, "hey, I know someone whose kids need a computer, here's an old 700MHz box and an Ubuntu CD, let's set it up for them!"

On Nov 18, 2012, at 11:16 AM, chris rheinherren <c.rheinherren at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I've got some friends who are interested in Linux but don't want to take
> the plunge off the deep end by installing it on their hard drives  Some not
> even as virtual machines. So I'm thinking a shell account would be helpful
> for someone to learn some basics of Linux command line.
> So are there any recommendations from the group as to shell providers ...
> free and paid.
> Thanks
> Chris
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