[Cialug] OT: Macbook for sale

Nathan C. Smith nathan.smith at ipmvs.com
Wed Dec 16 09:01:22 CST 2009

For the truly paranoid you are supposed to use TrueCrypt, or something like it, and double-encrypt your hard drive.  An outside layer that is the one you reveal at gunpoint, - has a working OS and some legitimate looking files,  and the inside-super-secret layer that nobody knows about except you.

Too bad this is only supported (by TrueCrypt) under Windows and not Linux or MacOS.  What software alternatives are available for those platforms?


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> > Having just returned from overseas, my strategy was:
> >
> >  * Spare computer (light weight, long battery),
> >  * clean OS install
> >  * All important files on a thumb drive
> >  * All private files on a hidden, encrypted partition on 
> the thumb drive.
> You're missing a plan for what you would do should either 
> your data or you become compromised. By that, I mean any one 
> (or more) of the
> following:
>  * You are detained but told you will be released in exchange 
> for the password to your encrypted files.
>  * The device(s) containing your encrypted files are 
> confiscated, and you are sent on your un-merry way.
>  * Your encrypted files are copied and you are sent on your 
> slightly less un-merry way.
> Oh, and by "you are detained" I'm including everything in the 
> range between "not allowed to leave" through "threatened at 
> gunpoint" and/or "physically harmed."
> Discuss ;)
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