[Cialug] [Update] Ubuntu 9.10 roaming mode

Mathew R. Phillips mathew.phillips at wartburg.edu
Thu Dec 10 11:46:05 CST 2009

Well my friend installed 9.04 on the netbook and the wireless worked flawlessly on the first boot. And from what you guys said earlier i do think the roaming mode is integrated in now and isn't explicitly set anymore. Although im not crazy i do remember it being there because i had to use it to get connected up here in the dorms at wartburg!
Thanks for the help guys,


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>>I don't remember ever seeing this mode myself. Probably because I didn't
>>use it, but wouldn't "roaming mode" simply mean connect automatically to
>>the strongest Wireless signal? Probably to allow one to move between two
>>access points without thinking.
> It already does that (at least UNR), ... the only problems I have seen with
> 9.10 are a 'reluctance' to switch to a new AP not in the current list,
> which can require rebooting.

Yes, I saw this too last week. I connected at the hotel, then
suspended and went to the office and it didn't want to connect because
it thought I was still at the hotel. I just had to wait for a min or
suspend and resume. Not sure exactly what worked but it only seemed to
happen for a short time.

Matthew Nuzum
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