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Nick Fox nfox at foxmediasystems.com
Sun Aug 2 14:13:51 CDT 2009

James Shoemaker wrote:
> David Champion wrote:
>> James Shoemaker wrote:
>>> Jeffrey Ollie wrote:
>>>> On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 11:31 AM, James Shoemaker<james at dhlake.com> wrote:
>>>>>   I know this isn't linux related, but has anyone on the list used
>>>>> VSTS, it seems to be where my company is heading (it can't be much worse
>>>>> than Surround SCM which is what we are using now).  If you have, do you
>>>>> have any thoughts?
>>>> I've never used VSTS or any of Microsoft's other code management
>>>> systems but I've never heard anything good about them either, at least
>>>> not from someone that hasn't drank the Microsoft Kool-Aid...
>>>    It can't be much worse than the check-in/check-out mechanism surround 
>>> uses.  I wish we could go back to SVN, but VSTS is the corporate standard.
>>> James
>> On the plus side... it couldn't possibly be any worse than MS Visual 
>> Source (un) Safe was, could it?
>    I've been playing around in a sandbox they made me and it's not too bad.
> James
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While it isn't the best out there, it isn't the worst out there either. 
When used properly with Sharepoint it can be slightly useful. The key to 
it being useful is that the Sharepoint and TFS environments are 
customized to meet your build/test/revision requirements. I prefer other 
build systems than VSTS, but I can say that when you get things setup 
properly it can be a good tool.

I case your interested, there are other options like GForge.


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