FW: [Cialug] SQL wizardry possible?

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Creating a view will still result in the query running 3 times.

Create TEMP_DELETES Table as <BIG MESS>;

delete from turba_objects where turba_objects.owner_id in
TEMP_DELETES.owner_ID; => 
delete from horde_histories where history_who in TEMP_DELETES.owner_ID;
delete from horde_prefs where pref_uid in TEMP_DELETES.owner_ID;

Drop table TEMP_DELETES;

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On 10/31/07, Daniel A. Ramaley <daniel.ramaley at drake.edu> wrote:
> My next challenge is for each pref_uid returned by that query, delete 
> it from 3 different tables. So for example, if 'dar012' is one, then i

> need to run these 3 queries:
> => delete from turba_objects where owner_id='dar012'; => delete from 
> horde_histories where history_who='dar012'; => delete from horde_prefs

> where pref_uid='dar012';
> I suppose i could issue something like this (where <big mess> is the 
> large select statement):
> => delete from turba_objects where owner_id in ( <big mess> ); => 
> delete from horde_histories where history_who in ( <big mess> ); => 
> delete from horde_prefs where pref_uid in ( <big mess> );
> Of course if i went that route, deleting from horde_prefs would have 
> to be last since that's what the query is pulled from. But, is there a

> more efficient way to do it, rather than running the select 3 times?

If you'll do this often, you can create a view that presents your data
as a table. So do:

create view expired_pref_uid as <big mess>;

Then, delete from turba_objects where ownerid in (select pref_uid from

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