[Cialug] SuSE upgrades

Michael Watson watsonm011 at hawaii.rr.com
Sat Oct 13 18:45:20 CDT 2007

Just did a 9.3 to 10.2 upgrade on two different PCs (and a 10.2 -> 10.3
on my laptop last night). Worked OK for the x86 PC, but not on the
x86_64, the install errors with a specific message that it can't do 9.3
to 10.2 x86_64.  So I did a full install on that one.  I don't imagine
9.3 -> 10.3 should be much different...

Except you may want to note that 10.3 changes the first disk from
/dev/hda to /dev/sda.  The release notes say you can inhibit this by
adding 'hwprobe=-modules.pata' (or similar) to the kernel parameters,
but I didn't see this until after the upgrade was done, and my fstab had
already been updated.  Not a problem on the laptop (my testbed as well
as travel computer), but I've got an IDE/SATA mix on my main PC, and
this should make that an interesting upgrade.  I need to research if
this can/should be done on the command line on the DVD install boot,
and/or added to the GRUB parameters, or what (like maybe it assumes no
IDE drives at all?)  Maybe a post-upgrade fstab fix is the simplest path.


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    I did an update from SUSE 10.2 to SUSE 10.3 last night.  Last week, I did the
     update from SUSE 10.1 to SUSE 10.2.  This seems to be fairly easy.

    I'm wondering if I can do an update from SUSE 9.3 to SUSE 10.3 and have it work
     just as easy.

    Does anyone know if I can update directly to SUSE 10.3 from SUSE 9.3 without
     doing each version update one at a time?

    Carl Olsen
    Des Moines

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