[Cialug] LAN party 12/8

David Champion dave at visionary.com
Tue Oct 23 22:55:13 CDT 2007

David Champion wrote:
> David Champion wrote:
>> FYI - the DSMGG LAN party registration is online for the event on
>> December 8, 2007 at InPlay downtown. See http://www.dsmgg.org for info.
>> Get signed up early if you want to go. Once the mass email goes out the
>> seats will fill up fast.
>> If we get enough interest, we may have a Windows vs. Linux tourney
>> session, with something like Tremulous. There will most likely be a
>> Linux client for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars by then too (really good 
>> game).
>> -dc
> The ETQW Linux client (both Demo and Retail) are out now. I've played 
> it on my laptop (Dell D620 with discreet nVidia card) - it runs OK at 
> 800x600. To run it really well
> You can read about it here - as well as listen to a podcast about it - 
> including an interview with Timothee Besset from Id. (just starting to 
> listen to it now).
> http://www.linuxgames.com
> -dc
Oops, I sent that in mid-sentence while I was listening to the 
podcast... anyway to run ETQW really well, you'll probably need a fast 
dual-core processor and a nice video card. My Windows gaming box I've 
been playing it on is a AMD 64 X2 4400+, with a nVidia 7800GT, 2gb RAM, 
and it runs very smoothly on it at 1280x1024, high details. In the 
podcast Timothy explains why the dual-core processor is a big advantage, 
because of the way the game kernel is written to use multi-threaded 
stuff. It definitely scales to slower machines better than the UT3 demo 
- which is just playable on that machine at only 800x600 in low res.


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